Powerful Change – Taylor’s Story

Taylor 1


When Taylor walked into our downtown Weston Market as a customer, he turned to his brother and said “hey, I think this place is for me!”  It wasn’t long before Taylor officially became a Farmer and part of our Community Integration Program, also known as Roots. As a Farmer, Taylor was encouraged to pursue his interests in writing and drawing while also building vocational skills. 

As part of Roots, Taylor initiated a Farmer newsletter where he served as editor, reporter and publisher. His articles detailed Farmer community outings peppered with his signature humor. Taylor’s story-telling abilities are not limited to writing, he wowed the audience at our first annual Farmer Talent  Show with his stand-up routine.

“Roots” helped build my confidence and learn to interact with people.”  Taylor Knoll

As Taylor’s confidence grew so did his opportunities. It wasn’t long before he joined our Market and Catering Teams. In both positions, With the help of our staff and a job coach, Taylor gained experience in communicating and interacting with people – a major goal he set for himself.  

In 2019, Taylor decided to challenge himself further by making plans to attend Johnson County Community College. With new goals in his sights, our staff began helping Taylor prepare for his transition from Farmer to college student. Taylor and our staff identified and practiced time management strategies and positive study habits. Our team also helped Taylor learn how to navigate the college campus and find his classrooms. Today, Taylor is enrolled in writing, digital animation and graphic design classes. He continues to participate in our Roots program one day a week.

When asked what three words best describe him, Taylor proudly proclaimed “awesome, determined and self-reliant.”  We agree!